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Is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to providing outdoor activities, gym memberships and nutritional education to our nations veterans and service members. DownRange Excursions helps by strengthening mental, physical and emotional health while mitigating service related issues. Our current outdoor activities include Kayaking, Hiking, and camping. With each donation and volunteer service that is provided, the possibilities of creating new activities and expanding our operations strengthens, as well as helping veterans and service members at hand.


Kevin Flack served in the US Army 10th Mountain Division light infantry. He served in Iraq as a team leader in the infantry and Afghanistan as an infantry squad leader.

Kevin found healing through wilderness excursions and physical fitness. It pulled him out of the darkest period of his life after leaving the military. He feels it is my responsibility to help promote this to the countless others that served and continue to serve in the hopes they might find the same healing and structure after service that he did. Although this path may not be for everyone, if we help one individual lead a happier and healthier life while trying to reintegrate into the civilian world our mission has been met.



James Stout served in the U.S. Army  2nd Armored Division 1/67 Armor and 1st Cavalry as part of the main deployment in Desert Storm.


Mr. Stout is currently the Iowa Workforce Veterans Career Planner for the Mississippi Valley Region. He has been and continues to be an active member in the Veterans community and responsible for helping create resources for Veterans for over 20 plus years. Mr. Stout's focus is providing healthy solutions for veterans with PTS to overcome their disability and focus on positive ability and sustainability within the community.

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